Meditation in Reading and the Thames Valley

Meditation Classes in Reading

Classes at Shantideva Centre
Tuesday & Thursday evenings/ Thursday lunchtimes

Course ‘Meditation & Positive Thinking’

4th November – 11th December

Week: Class Title:
1 Fresh mind – new approach
2 Troubleshooting – inside the mind
3 Positive steps – inner solutions for inner problems
4 Relativity – developing a healthy point of view
5 Transformation – learning & growing
6 Happy whatever!

Class info: These classes are a great way to learn about and experience the benefits of meditation. Teachers guide meditations and offer inspiring advice based on Buddhist understanding to help reduce stress and other problems encountered in daily life.

Each class is self contained so you can follow a course or just drop in any week.

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays  7.30 – 9pm  &  Thursdays 12.30 – 1.15pm

VenueShantideva Centre, 9 Bath Rd, Reading, RG1 6HH ( parking available)

Class fee: Evenings - £6 ‘pay-per-class’ or Discount Cards available at the class (5 classes for £25) or free with Centre Card. Lunchtimes -  £3 class only/ £5 with homemade soup.

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